Design Consulting

Emil Frei & Associates is a leader in liturgical design of sacred spaces. We work with architects and clients to ensure that the overall liturgical design is appropriately integrated into the building’s other architectural components. We help architects and clients consider the needs of various ministries, liturgical actions, and deep-rooted religious traditions.

Pre-Construction Design Consulting

Our designers understand liturgical needs and religious artistic traditions. We help both architects and clients meet their liturgical design goals. During your project’s planning and conceptual design phases, we can help your team make decisions that will improve your building’s overall liturgical design. We will work with you to develop a strategic plan that includes:

  • Refining the scope of work
  • Creating conceptual designs
  • Allocating budgeted funds

Liturgical Design

Bringing a liturgical designer onto your project team can streamline your project and save you money. We can help you in three ways:

  1. Committee Guidance: We help your committee better understand the components of a church project and we help you conceive a liturgical plan that meets the needs for worship in your community.
  2. Client Representation: Most architect or contractors will not know the ins and outs of a liturgical space. We help you communicate your liturgical plan to architects and contractors. Working with Emil Frei liturgical designers will give you peace of mind. We understand the demands of liturgical design, know how to work with architects and constructors, and have relationships with industry tradespeople. During construction, we ensure that fabricators meet our high standards.


We cover everything liturgical: design paint schemes, iconographic programs, and sacred furnishings including pews, altars, ambos, chair, lecterns, sculpture. We ensure the quality of our designs by working with artists, craftsmen, and contractors from design through to installation.

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