Emil Frei & Associates is a leader in stained glass preservation and stained-glass restoration. We can help you repair and care for your valued stained glass and mosaics. We have designed innovative solutions to some of the most difficult preservation problems, like a thirty-foot-tall double-hung stained glass window system to protect the windows on the gulf from hurricanes.


When the condition of your stained-glass windows or mosaics have deteriorated, Emil Frei will tailor fit a plan to meet the needs of your artwork. Drawing upon a century of expertise, our approach is to provide a permanent solution to any structural and aesthetic damage. We can fix almost any problem, but our most common repair services include:

  • Fix bulged stained glass
  • Replace shattered stained glass
  • Total recreation of stained-glass panels
  • Match any original glass material
  • Match original painting using traditional techniques
  • Mosaic substrate
  • Replacement of missing mosaic pieces
  • Match original mosaic materials

Cleaning Stained Glass

Dirt can accumulate on stained glass and mosaics windows and an occasional cleaning will help to maintain your artwork and keep their appearance beautiful. As always, whenever working next to valuable stained glass and mosaics, care is taken to prevent potential damage.

Preservation (Custom Protective Glazing)

  1. Stained glass windows are often the most valuable and most vulnerable feature of a church. Over time, the accumulation of damage can be significant and costly to repair. For these reasons, providing protection to your stained-glass windows is a worthy investment.
  2. At Emil Frei, we attend to the functional performance as well as the visual appearance of your window protection. The protective elements should not detract from the beauty of the windows or the architecture.
  3. Some of the additional benefits of installing our exterior protection systems include improved insulation properties, elimination of air infiltration through window fenestrations, elimination of insect infiltration through window fenestrations, structural reinforcement to window tracery, and noise reduction of the exterior environment.

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